Wednesday, April 4, 2007

And the Winner Is...

After very careful consideration, I have decided that the winner of my very first Blog *candy* is... KOstvig, who said this...

"How about
1.Naptime Nuggets
Just thinking I might think of some more I'll be back "
March 29, 2007 12:27 AM

After poring over all 97 comments (holy moly!), I've decided that Naptime Nuggets was the best fit for my Confessions. So, CONGRATULATIONS to KOstvig for her winning comment! K, please email me with your addy, so that I can get your "Nuggets" to you! :)
Reading all of your creative comments over the past week has been very entertaining and SO MUCH FUN! You ladies are WONDERFUL, and I thank you for taking the time to play along with me!
Thank you, also, to everyone who left sweet comments on my Can You Believe It!?! post. I REALLY appreciate all of you - I'm very blessed.
And, lastly, I need to get back to some stampin'!!! I finished my swaps, finally, and they are now shipped out! Woohoo! Only one more to go this month! lol I'm really looking forward to getting the swaps back (all 3 of them, so far), so that I can share them with you! I have a feeling I'm agonna be gettin' some good stuff! But anywho, I will try to stamp up something tonight to share with you probably in the morning, so stay tuned...
Okay, this time it's really lastly, I will be out of town in Orlando this weekend, starting tomorrow afternoon, so there's for sure not going to be any posting (unless I can hijack a computer???) until Sunday. But don't let that keep you away - you could always start studying up for the next Naptime Nuggets contest (20,000 hits)! {grin} "Somewhere on my blog, there is an image..." (Hopefully I've got you intrigued.)
Hugs, Kisses, and Happy Easter,

PS. I DO realize that there were others who also wrote Naptime Nuggets, but I had to choose the first person to write the comment - I hope that you all understand.


  1. I just need to leave a big,
    Thank You to Kristen,
    for the great Naptime Nugget.

    It was a fun Contest!

  2. You made a good choice!! I like that name for your nuggets and maybe someday I'll receive some of ém :0) Thanks for the fun contest. Ciao!

  3. Yea - A great name! I liked it too when I read what others wrote and had wished I had thought of it myself. Have fun on your trip - I'll be here waiting to see your creations when you are free to post again.


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