Monday, April 9, 2007

Awesome ATCs

Check out these all of this eye candy! If you had been paying attention to my posts regarding the ATC swap that I was in, thanks to the super sweet Jen del Muro, then you will remember me talking about these little lovelies! I was in two groups, so there's a pic for each group (couldn't fit them all in one).

Thanks Ladies - they went straight (after pix) into my ATC book!

Now I'm going to go stamp with some of my new goodies! So stay tuned for some new cards soon!



  1. WOW!! You got some great ATC's. I just loved the one you made for the group I was in. I had such a blast opening up the envelope. Everyone is so talented.

  2. These are stunning! Love them. so envious! If I had those ATC's I'd drool over them for days. ;-)

  3. WOW those all look sooo great! I should do one!

  4. Love your atc's they are so cute, I have made a bunch, but just finally signed up for a swap, so I am hoarding 5 sets. Gotta find the right swap now!


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