Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bling Bucket and some Yada Yada

So, I've got a lengthy post today, so either check out the pix and move along with your "blurfing", or grab a cup of coffee, cause here I go! I DO have some big news at the end!!!

First off, about this cute little paint can... This is the Michael's Bridal Flower can from my birthday shopping trip last night. While looking at the display, I picked up these adorable little Bling Rings. I thought BONUS - and immediately knew what I wanted to do!

When I got home, I removed all of the stickers from the can, and dumped out the flowers. I grabbed my new SEI ribbon and paper and got to work! Little Miss Lily is colored with Copics, and I added a crown and her little purse, since she's a glamour girl today!

For the top, I just punched a scalloped circle with my Marvy Giga punch, and adhered it down. Aren't these little rings the cutest?! This is one of the gifts that I'm making for Wyatt's little friend, Sophie, for her upcoming birthday.

Here's a close-up of little Lily...Moving on...

So today, Dave, Wyatt, and I arrive at church 45 minutes late for Wyatt's Beginner class. Dave immediately goes into the Big Red Bus, because for some reason, he loves to give blood, and Wyatt and I run on into his class. RIGHT BEFORE we step into the class, he says "Mommy, I want to hold you." That's not new - he's sometimes a little shy when he first gets there, then in a minute or two, he warms up and participates.

Well, we go and find our seats. He sits down and IMMEDIATELY commences to throwing up ALL over him and I. No warning. I sat stunned for a half second, then scooped him up and started to run out the door. He pukes two more times on the way for full effect.

I had to get a friend of mine to go run and get Dave before he got all hooked up and she also, thankfully, and a full set of clothes in her car. Thanks a million, Amanda!!!

He had a fever on Tuesday, and a little Wednesday, but it was all respiratory. I have no idea where this came from! Oh well. He probably picked something else up, which means I'm sure to get it! I swear, it feels like we've been sick for months!

Well, he's now watching Bug's Life and seems better, so hopefully that was all of it!

In other news, in case you haven't seen THIS POST, check it out! The owner of American Art Stamp has decided that he needs a Design Team, and Michelle, as the DT coordinator, has come up with a great team! I CAN'T WAIT to get my hands on those stamps, so that I can start playing! You can check out the links to the other new members on my sidebar (if not on Michelle's post). The Kym Bowles and Karen Stolper lines are my faves!

Well, I think that that's enough for now! I'm tired of typing and I'm hoping to get something cute made today - if my stomach holds out - now I'm not so sure... Yuck!!! Well, I hope that YOU all have a great afternoon, at least! LOL



  1. Man, I hope he feels better soon. One of mine had a fever for two days this week. He has still got a cough and the sniffles. I am thankful for no throwing up!

  2. Congratulations! How very exciting:o)

    I think my family has been sick for months as well. We ended up at the doctor today for my little girl...just a virus. I hope Wyatt gets feeling better soon:o)

  3. How adorable...........AND how gross....all in the same post!! hahahaha!! Poor little dude, I hope he's feeling better and that YOU don't get it too!! Man!

    That bucket is just the cutest darn thing! I LOVE Lily!! Can you believe I STILL have that sheet of stamps sitting there, unmounted, staring back at me?? I'm feeling guilty...guess I should play with her soon!! Thanks for the inspiration, girlie!!

  4. OH, no warning puke is the worst. I mean it is all bad but the puke with no warning is really bad. I hope he is feeling better. Congrats on the DT. That is awesome. -Molly B

  5. I need to go to Michaels and get me a "bling bucket" cute!

    Hope Wyatt is feeling better!

    Can't wait to see that cute bucket IRL, and Sophie is (of course) going to LOVE it a LOT! Adorable!!!
    I sure hope W is feeling better soon! ...And that you don't get the spontaneous spew-ies also. Hope we can see you both soon!

  7. sorry about that mishap! Cute bucket. I'd like to know how these candies TASTE. I saw them and am considering getting them for my jewelry business - but I want to know if they taste good first! I wouldn't want to give icky candy away as a prize!


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