Monday, March 3, 2008

All About Hambo

You two cards for the price of one today, on CNS, and both of them are Hambo!

The first one is my favorite, although, I was informed that these kind of hives are supposed to be white! LOL I had no idea! I just assumed they were wood. :)

Well, anyways, I like the color combination that was inspired by the yummy AC ribbon. Oh, and do you see the embossing in the bkgd? That's from the new Paisley Cuttlebug folder. I love all of the new ones. Which brings me to the next card...
See the bird Cuttlebugging on the blue layer? Oh, and BTW, all of these colors DO match IRL!!! The birds aren't a different color from the bkgd paper!

All four sides of the main image were cut out of the box. I like the look of the leaves "falling" off of the paper. The little balloon was cut out, too, but I wanted it a little more dimensional, so I stamped and colored another one to pop up on top. This layout is SCS's SC 163, and the hive card is SC 164.

So, that's about it, for now! Check back tomorrow for an MFTeaser! Till then...

xox, k

Fine Print: Contact me, if you're needing more info on these cards. This post is long enough, and I've got to run! :) I've got no problems with answering your questions!!


  1. Love both these cards, really love those little birds though and the way you've decoupaged bits of it. So cute.

  2. Awesome Kirsten! These are so great. Especially all that coloring and cutting for the little birds.

  3. A friend pointed me to your sample today because my husband actually is a bee keeper and just so you know, his hives are brown! They are made out of wood but he chose to paint his brown and not white, so your sample is politically correct as brown!

  4. you're right - that is yummy ribbon? What is that American Crafts? Never saw any wide ones from them. LOVE the colors, it matches your blog banner. Those birds are TOO cute! The cb bgs are awesome & you really know showcase them well.

  5. What cute cards. I didn't know these hives were supposed to be white either, so don't feel too bad. :) I really love those little party birds. They're just darling! And I just love your fun, bright colors. :)

  6. Fun & creative cards Kirsten! Love em both!

  7. These two cards are fantastic. I love how you colored them. Those birds are too cute. I love all the detail in the nest. A must have stamp. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful creations. I just love your blog.

  8. Laura (scrapnextras)March 4, 2008 at 11:41 AM

    These are both adorable! I am struck by the out of the box and borderless image on the second card...really effective!

  9. I love both these cards, Kirsten, and it matters not one bit to me what color the hive is! That's where artistic license comes in. You do the most fun, colorful and appealing work. I just got these Cuttlebug folders and am looking forward to finding the time to use them. They look great on your cards!

  10. I absolutly love your designs!


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