Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You Rock!

This is a card that I made for Lizzie Anne, using last week's SCS Sketch Challenge (154). Sets used were Sketched Sentiments, Jolies Fleurs, and So Swirly, and you can find them here. I love all three of these sets, and I use them often.

I really am in love with these new PP lines from SU! I think that they might actually get all used up!!! That NEVER happens, unless I make a BIG conscious effort to do so, as in the case of my Cookie Party invites! LOL This series is called Bali Breeze.

I really liked playing with this layout, and I'm fairly happy with how the card turned out. The little green "dots" were made with my Lime Green Stickles and my Paper Piercing template for spacing. It's my favorite part of the card! LOL

Well, I'm sure that you're all happy to know that the whole nursing thing is coming back to me, slowly but surely. :) In fact, today I actually started THREE IVs - which isn't too bad, since I've not done it in nearly four years! I'm super tired, though, since I've had to wake up at 4:30am the past two days to get to work at 6! In fact, I now refer to that unGodly hour as the "BCD" (butt crack of dawn), OR the "ACD" (I'm sure if you thought about it, you could figure that one out! ;)) if I'm REALLY feeling unhappy about it. Oh well, it's a nice unit with some great nurses, so it's all good.

Well, I'm off to catch up on a bit of TiVo on the couch (and maybe take a nap), so I'm going to catch up with you again tomorrow. Have a good one!



  1. Really nice! Those Stickles dots look glittery and fab with the sentiment. At least I think it's Stickles.

  2. This is soooooooo gorgeous! I love it! Love the colors, love the paper, love the embellishments!

  3. Oh Kirsten...I use to work in the Medical field before kids. I really don't miss it. But know if I had to I could fall back on it. Praying that you don't get too wiped out, Love the card. (((Hugs)))

  4. Oh my goodness, this card is totally fabulous!!

  5. Oh, WOW! This is so cute and vivid and fun! It's hard to get creative after you drag yourself home from work, I know. I go at break neck speed all day and I'm not always good for much when I come home. I do like my job and LOVE my coworkers, too, so yes, that helps. Good luck with adjusting!

  6. I just love the card Kristen, hope I win it ! Besides card making and scrap booking, I love working on My Family Tree. I spend lots of time doing genealogy and meeting cousins I never met before. Bringing family together and learning how much we are alike with cousins.

  7. Another great card Kirsten...when I grow up I want to make cards just like you...lol - In my spare time I to work on the cookbook I am compiling and really should get done. I love spending time with my new hubbie and our JRT, Ellie Mae, and keeping up with what is going on in my family members lives. I dream of embellishments as I sleep!! Keep up the good work! With any luck, I'll win since the 30th is my birthday! Your OLD cousin, Selena (sorry to be here as anonymous...I obviously don't have an identity on any of the options below--I'm hopeless).


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