Saturday, November 8, 2008

Spread your Wings (SSC)

This is another late night post, so I'll keep it brief. This is Lauren's sketch for this week! You can find it and her card right here.

I used PTI stamps (Out on a Limb, Birds of a Feather), ink, and CS for this. The punch is MSL.

This is kind of like a micro story, in that the first picture (bottom) show the two birds coming together to their nest with the two eggs. The top picture shows the nest with one egg and a bird flying away like he's "spreading his wings" to leave the nest. Maybe I'm trying to get too deep for a greeting card. I don't know- I'm too tired for reason! LOL

Anywho, there are other girls who do Lauren's SSC every week, so check them out, too. Here's their links...

Alicia Weimen
Tamara Harder
Maria Levine
Dawn Easton
Kristy Vernon
Kim Gasper
MacKenzie Bruckler

Till later!



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