Monday, May 26, 2008

We're Back, But...

I've still nothing to show you. Computer is still not working, and I've not time to stamp! I'm hoping to get some stuff done ASAP, though, as I've lots of impending deadlines! Thanks for hanging in with me though this ultra sloooooooooooow time! LOL

We had a great time at Disney! We went to Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and a little Epcot. We did two character dinners - one with the Disney princesses and one with Pooh and friends. We also fit in some Downtown Disney and the coolio dragon pool! What a jam-packed, but super fun trip with some good friends!

Hope you're having a wonderful Memorial Day! Now to get back to the unwinding! :)


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  1. i hope we get to see some pictures from your disney trip...glad you had fun!


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