Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Love Blooms

So did you all "get your Papertrey on" last night? Whacha get??? I'm loving the new colors! Really gets you in the mood for Summer, that's for sure!

This card was made with last month's releases, and I think it's the first time I opened that tag set! Bad stamper! I was going to submit it for the GSS contest, but I figured it was a little too "plain" for that. I did like how it turned out, though - nice and simple!

Tomorrow should bring you a cutie birthday card, Bella style! See you then!



  1. did you really use 'too plain' to describe this beautiful card??? it is beautiful! i love it!!! and, yep...got my pti on!!! :)

  2. This is beautiful, Kirsten -- I love the simplicity and the colors!

  3. ditto on what everyone else said! This card is BEAUTIFUL!!


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