Thursday, April 3, 2008

Do You Twitter?

I was just perusing the SCS forums a little while ago, while waiting for Wyatt to wake from his nap, and I saw a thread on Twitter. I had heard of this, but paid no attention. Well, she made me want to go check it out!

I started an account, and added a live feed to my sidebar, right under the Feedblitz subscriber box! You can follow people - even if it's not me :) - and get texts or emails when your friends update. It's kind of a micro blog, but with real-time updates! Sort of like texting all of your friends at once, when you've got something to share.

It's probably another way for me to waste (I mean spend!) my time, but I thought it looked like fun to try out! Just thought I'd explain what was over there!


  1. I just starting "twittering" this week. I have your blog on my google reader, and love seeing your creations, and now I can't believe that you twitter. It's like I'm going to follow someone famous!


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