Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lily Lolly

Can you SEE her cutie butterfly wings??? That's my favorite part of this card! They're from Heidi Swapp. I wish you could see all of the dimension that they create. There's glue dots b/w the card and wings and the wings and Lily.

I was majorly enabled by the first thing that Lauren posted with this Pink Cat Studio set, Dress up Lily (click on the "Lily" link above), and immediately clicked and purchased this set and the Billy set (that one reminds me so much of Wyatt!). My favorite part of this set, though, is the nurse hat and thermometer (being that I'm a nurse, of course!)! Too cute!So good morning, and hello!!! I know it's been a while, but I didn't get a chance to stamp until yesterday, and had no chance to post till this morning!

This was a fun little project that I made using this pattern, and I think I'm going to make another one similar to it, but make the transparency part only on the top. We'll see when I get the chance for that, though! Can you see that Lily is a lolly herself? (Click on the pic for a closer look, if you can't see.) I cut her and the scallop layer with my Nesties, and popped it up on the box with Glue Dots. Then, I rolled a thin strip of WW paper and secured with Mini Glue Dots to make the "stick". Not to pat my own back, but I really think that it turned out cute. :)I have the perfect little girl that this set will go to - you can see her cute face here. This is Maggie, and she's my very good friend Mimi's little girl. She made me the NICEST birthday gifts last week, and I had to make her something special back to thank her! Love you Maggie! :)

Well, now I'm off to go spend some time with MY little one! Have a great day, and tomorrow will bring a Lizzie Anne card! See you then!



  1. OMGoodness, Maggie is going to just squeal with delight. She loves making crafts and she loves giving to others. But most of all, she loves candy!!! LOL! XO, Mimi

  2. OMG, those projects are AWESOME! SO CREATIVE! *drool*

  3. OH my, Kirsten! THis is just too stinkin' cute! As soon as I get my Dress up Gabby stamps *that's my nieces' name* I'm going to make her one of these! thanks for sharing

  4. Adorable! I just ordered the set with my daughter's name on it:o) My sister's a nurse, also, so I'll have to make her a cute little nurse card:o)

    I hate to sounds dumb, but I have a couple questions for you. How in the world do you cut out such tiny little her arms and legs? Do you use scissors or an exacto blade? Also, what did you use to acheive the shadow look around her? Thanks for any info you're willing to share!

    Have a great day!

  5. I love this! So cute. Lily and Billy are on my list for sure!

  6. These are precious and she is a doll, I'm sure she will be thrilled!

  7. Kirsten these are just adorable! I love the clear butterfly wings! You did a fabulous job colouring the stamps and I really love the lollipop gift box, what a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing your creations!

  8. I love that card. It is so cute. Love the little fairy.

  9. Ok, I totally love love love this! I love Lily and Billy!


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