Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hey Cupcake!

I'm such a picture snob. I'm so picky, which is ironic, since I have no photography training at all! :) I think that this picture is pretty crappy, but you get the drift. I got tired of fiddling with it! If any of you all know of a CHEAP photo set-up box, send me a link! Help a sistah out! LOL

I used some new goodies on this card - my cutie new Bella, new Basic Gray Cupcake paper, and my new Doodlebug ribbon! Love new stuff!!! The sentiment is from A Muse, and the circle stamp is from PTI. I loved how it fit perfectly in the metal edged tag! The main image is, as almost always, colored with Copic markers. It's a 5 1/4 in. sq. card.

Well, that's about it! Have a wonderful Hump Day, and stay tuned for some coolio news that I'll hopefully be able to share soon!



  1. K - if you want to purchase a light box less expensively, try:

    American Recorder

    if you want to go really, really cheap and you have camera lights already, do-it-yourself:


    There are other DIY places, too:

    Photo School



    (Note that this site talks as soon as you enter.)


  2. What a lovely card. I like all the ballons.

  3. This is awesome colourful. I think your photo is fine, but I know what ya mean!! I can only take pics on nice sunny days to get the natural lighting. If I do it under a lamp, it's too bright or too dark. Ugh. I need one of those lighting boxes too.

  4. Adorable card! I love the colors you used.

    About the light box, they are super easy to make- google it and you will get millions of hits.

    It is also easy to just cover the inside of a shoebox with white cardstock... or black or grey if your prefer.

  5. Totally cute!!! I love those Bella's and your colors are great! I was also wondering about the photo box thing. Glad asked cause now I get the info too :)

    If you haven't already entered my 1st Blog Candy jump on over and get in on it. Just little ol' me givin away a couple little things :)

  6. love the card! so colorful and happy...i am seriously close to buying my first bella (yes, my FIRST!)..this is a total enabler!

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  9. Great Bella card!! So looking forward to working with you!!

  10. Hey Kirsten-

    Here is a DIY photo box. I used the instructions and made my own but I didnt use a big enough box so I have to redo it!

  11. So cute!! I just ordered this stamp, you're making me even more excited to get it! And if someone hooks you up w a photo box source please share the love! :)

  12. whatever you think about the actual picture doesn't matter, I think the card is just FAB-O! love the bright colors and the black ribbon is yummy!

  13. Kristen....Your card is ROCKIN COOL. You can come take pictures of my cards ANYTIME! Hope your little one is feeling better. Kadie

  14. This is lots of fun, I love the colours....and I love the name of your blog. Visiting from outside Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Joan


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