Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tag, I'm It

I've just been tagged for the first time - by two super awesome stampers, Leslie Miller (leslierich) and Yvette Ashe (yvette). (Both of their blogs are a must see, BTW!) Now, have to list 5 of my favorite stamping blogs, in no particular order. I'm going to TRY and list people who haven't been listed before. Here goes...

ETA: I noticed when I posted my, A Very Worthy Cause post, that I was also "tagged" by Joanne B. yesterday! Thank you to all three ladies!!! {{{hugs}}}

Asela Hopkins - she shares a wealth of info on her blog, and she's super talented to boot!
Ana Wohlfahrt - she got my attention with her wonderful Whipper Snapper cards a few months back, and I quickly found out she can do anything wonderfully!
Kendra Giles - she is not only a super stamper, she is super sweetheart and blogger friend!
Julie Purdam - she is also a real sweetheart, and someone I would call a friend, even though we've met only in cyberspace!
Mimi Hornberger - she is a super stamper, and someone that I could count on (and do! :)) for anything in the entire world!

Stay tuned, because at Naptime, I'm going to try to stamp! I got my new Inky Antics stamps yesterday, and I should get my new Faux Ribbon today! Woohoo! :)

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