Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Utopia on Earth

Well...on my block, at least! :)

I saw on a few people's blogs (like Michelle and Lauren), where they have posted pix of their stamping space. I love seeing those, as it gives storage options, display ideas, etc... Well, I had cleaned up my room all nice and neat, and thought that I'd take a few pix to post on here, in case anyone is interested.

Above is a pic of most of the room (my former dining room :), never was one for dinner parties - LOL). I've got the small little table (our old kitchen table) in the center with all of my "necessaries" placed as conveniently as possible around me, in a variety of storage units.

Look up! It is my Bookcase Ala Rubber (as well as scrapbooks, old photo albums, cards, and planners.) This may be my favorite place in room. Before this, I stored my 100+ SU! stamp sets in the SU! cardboard shipping boxes! It was pitiful! My dear Hubby found this with me at the unfinished wood store, and "finished" it! I've placed the SU! provided label on the front of the box, and used my Label Maker to make larger labels that I can see from my chair, and placed it on the end of the box. In the stacked storage unit, there's my quilting supplies, and the vase on the right holds extra yarn from previous crochet/knitting projects.


The picture on the right shows my little cupboard holding wheels, punches, and various other stuff. On top of the cupboard, I've got the SU! Ribbon Holders (two medium and two small) to store ribbon, brads, buttons, and eyelets. My Embossing Station is on top of the blue stacking unit. On the left side of the pic (wish I had a better view of it), you can kind of see a white box with ribbon hanging out of it. That was my birthday gift from Mimi last year. It holds all of the SU! grosgrain ribbon spools. I LOVE IT! You can also see the acrylic ruler "caddy" on the right, for my quilting.

Above is my little Candy Store. I just got these candy jars at Target the other day, and they are now the loving home of my new Primas (Jody's Prima Lovers Share that I split with my friend Sara) and some of my yummy ribbon. There are also some books and albums that I've recently made, jelly jars for each SU! Ribbon Essentials assortment, and more Primas in jars.

Next pic is a few cheapo bookcases creatively stacked so to store all of my SU! cardstock, On Board, Scrappin' Kits, Light Box, QuicKutz and Cuttlebug dies, and PP. On top is my CB/QK Station, and underneath is more 12x12 paper and CS, as well as my (seldom used) crochet/knitting box. On my cutting table you can find my iPod, current Mini catty display (used mainly for storage), a borrowed stamp set (anytime you want it back, I'm ready, Jamie:))and a basket with Heidi Swapp flowers and even more ribbon.

And lastly, this is a closer view of my table, with the right-hand chair full of my newer stamp sets (that I've got to have close at hand), and the left-hand chair full of WW paper and WCP (also must have within arms reach). Down on the floor (right next to me:)) is my beloved Michael's craft tote that holds all the"absolutely necessaries", like Glue Dots of all sizes, Paper Snips, Tool Kit, small ruler, Dotto, Snail, Dimensionals, etc... On the table, you can see my new Prismacolor Pencils, Grid Paper, Scrub, paper cutter, and drink caddy (Creative Memories - so worth it!). In the background you can see my ink pad caddy, Many Marvelous Markers, magazine holder (and bookcase holding more mags!), and Tabletop Trimmer (love it!). Also on the bookshelf, you can see my sewing machine, AC Greenhouse flowers, bucket of even more ribbon, and boxes of reinkers. The thing hanging on the wall on the right is my thread spool rack and my altered clipboard from one of my first blog posts.

Hope you enjoyed your tour! Now it's your turn! What kinds of storage ideas have you all come up with? How do you organize your stamp sets, or DO you? What do you do with the plethora of magazines that you (I know I'm not the only one?!?) can accumulate? I'd love to see more "rubber rooms"!

See you tomorrow for the Card of the Week!




  1. Looks like a great space! Thanks so much for sharing it with if only I could get my space that cleaned up to share with everyone! ;-)

  2. I have that same table and chiars- but I need two more chairs and the place I bought it 10 years ago went out of business. I keep it in the workout room in the basement for when I am too pooped to participate and just want to sit.

  3. I love it! Everything looks so tidy and neat. Now if I could talk you into a bigger table. LOL! I love the way you gave us the tour and didn't just post a bunch of pictures for us to guess at. Have a great day! Mimi

  4. I get SO jealous when I see other people's stamping rooms. I can't wait to be able to have an entire room to myself one day! I love the "candy store" - what a great idea! Thanks for posting those pictures.

  5. Wow, you are soooo lucky! I have no space in my house to set up a craft area --- I have all of my things stored in variouse clear plastic containers in my laundry room, and when I want to stamp I have to set up a table and pull everythin out. A major venture, so I only do it once or twice a week. I really have to wait until my little ones are in bed, and sometimes it is just too late to pull everything out. You are very lucky to have such a nice space of your own! - Heather

  6. Love the new Candy Store set up! Didn't know you had also gotten that Michael's tote (remember I got mine from Momma for Christmas?). Isn't it awesome? Next month, we'll make a girls night of it and set up my new space in the new house! Can't wait to start crafting again - thanks for keeping me inspired. xoxo

  7. Love your space! I just finished mine last week and am excited that everything has a spot!

  8. love the pics of your stamp space--especially the candy store! i wish i could get mine organized enough to take such pretty pictures!

  9. Thanks for sharing your stampin space with us. Mine is also my kitchen/dining room area, i like to be where my kids are right in the middle of things. I have my SU sets in a media tower, it looks very similar to a bookcase but it's only 6 inches deep. My clear stamps are there also in CD cases. My background stamps are on a spinning CD storage rack.
    Love the jars for storage too!

  10. What a lucky girl!! I can only imagine the magic we would create together!! With stamping I mean..hehehe
    I do bet our kids would get along and let us stamp in peace for once :)

  11. Everything looks fantastic! Can I come stamp with you? {wink} I love all of the crisp white accessories that you are storing things in. Great job!

  12. I love your room. It's so spacious! LOVE IT! Plenty of room to have stamping friends coming over! Thanks for sharing it with us.


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