Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Name is Kirsten and I am a Stamp Addict

This is the first of my three commissioned PTI card sets from yesterday. They all have matching envies. The sentiments are Mommy to Bee, Thank You, Bee Happy, and the one you see here.

As you can see, they are a much lower profile than my normal cards, but I like them anyways! The scallop layer is elevated with Dimensionals and there is Stickles on several of the flowers. I just love this color combination!

So, how much damage did ya do last night? I know that I did my fair share! I will have Grid Lines, Boards and Beams, and Birds of a Feather on their way to me very soon, as well as several other odds and ends, including all the Plum Pudding stuff and the set of set labels! Geesh!

Then this morning... I had to call one of my very best friends, Mimi, to have her add on to her order (she has a BIT more patience than I do, I figured she hadn't placed her order yet:)) the new Vintage Cream paper, Out on a Limb Additions, and Flower Garden Sentiments! Yikes! Thank goodness for fellow addict (though admittedly possibly not to the same degree) friends to pull you out of that "crap, now I have to pay shipping bind"! LOL Thanks Mimi!

In addition to all of that, I also have happy mail coming from Pink Cat Studio (can't wait for my "Dress Up Wyatt" set), Stamping Bella (OMW, don't make me confess that particular order), and some online scrapbooking store that I saw pretty paper in.

Also, in a more wallet friendly way, I have some cool Lizzie Anne and American Art Stamp coming at me! Speaking of which, both have new releases coming up soon that I'm super excited about, and YOU should be too!

And all of this doesn't even count the new Cosmo Cricket paper, Hey Sunshine, and the MME, Just Dreamy, paper I MUST have!

Hey, the blog title IS ConFESSIONS of a Naptime Stamper, RIGHT!?! ;) Good thing I've got some stamping money coming to me!

Wow, I feel better already! It always helps to come clean! Now it's YOUR turn! What damage have you all done recently? The goodies hubby may or may not know about? You can confess too! It's a safe place! No judging, I PROMISE! :)

Till later...

xox, k


  1. HI Kirsten, I'm a stamp addict too - but I'm not so good at using all my stuff. At least not as good as I am at buying all my beloved stamping goodies!! I def made a little dent in the cc last night and even need to make a few additions via an order placed by my sis in law. :) I decided I needed a cpl things u added after the fact. LOL But, I did get the Guide Lines set, the Plum Pudding Collection, and a cpl things from last month: Lemon Tart collection & Polka Dot Basics set. LOVE THEM!!
    Whew, it feels good to admit my addiction! ;)
    Debbie Lee

  2. My name is Terri and I am a stamp addict too. I ended up buying all the new PTI stamps sets plus the redone Out on a limb and sentiments. On top of that I got the new colors of paper and ink and patterned paper too. I only bought one roll of ribbon though. :). I am feeling guilty for how much I spent now but I am sure I will get over it as soon as I get everything. Glad to know I am not the only one with this problem. I look foward to seeing what you do with your new stuff.

  3. Kirsten love your blog, read it every day, thank you. Just like others, I ordered Plum Pudding BIA, Guide Lines, Polka Dots, Birds of a Feather, and Flower Garden but not the sentiments. I remembered the vanilla cs and also to get more Spring Moss- only 3 sheets left!

  4. I am headed to my LSS be

  5. I'm laughing big time here Kirsten!! I tried to be good this time (why????) but i already regret not buying some of the sets that got left behind - yikes!! I need one of those friends who hasn't ordered yet! :)

  6. My name is Robyn and I am a PTI addict! I couldn't help myself and pushed the "I want it all" button on Saturday Night! I also added on paper & stamps for my friends so I think we might have to have a box opening party on Thursday evening! I already own all of the paper and it has it's own storage box....The crem de la crem box! LOL Have fun when it all arrives!

  7. good for you confessing my friend. I went on a little stamp binge last week. New Bella, some PTI and of course, the Billy sets. Could hold out NO LONGER!

    Now, off to clean my desk....

  8. Oh, this is funny, Kirsten! I love this post! I've been flipping out over Inque Boutique and the new Jeanne Strieff images lately, plus was enabled by Lindsey the other day and just had to go there immediately to get some Inka birds. I've got a shipment of Prism papers and Adirondack inks on its way from CHF and I've been collecting all the new PTI cardstocks, inks and ribbons but barely using them, for shame. Must do something about that. Gosh, you just reminded me I haven't checked for this month's colors yet... I'm planning an order from Ellen for a bunch of Memory Box paper...might have to pick up a Lockhart or two. Somebody STOP me!! Then there's all the fabulous things from Flourishes, which just gets better and better.

    But what I really want to say is how much I LOVE your card sets--all of them! Beautiful work with these colors and images. You SO inspire me! Thank you! I popped over here to look for your Prisma and Gamsol tutorial and got sidetracked...


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