Monday, June 9, 2008

Meet One of My Little Fur Babies!

I mentioned a while back that we had recently adopted a pair of female hamsters. I said that I might post a pic of one or both of them. Well, I didn't exactly get my inbox filled with requests to share, but I am anyways! :) We got them for Wyatt, but I've fallen in love with them! LOL

This is Ariel - named for the Little Mermaid. (The other one is Jasmine. :)) They're named for the Disney princesses that Wyatt has a crush on! LOL They are both very sweet and super soft Black Bear hamsters.

What do you think? Ain't she cute!? :)

I also wanted to thank Alex for nominating me for this Kreativ Blogger award. Thanks so much for thinking of me Alex!

I'll be back tomorrow with a stampy post. See you then!

xox, Kirsten


  1. Ahhh, she is adorable. I'm a rodent person anyway. Well rodents that are supposed to be in your house, not such a fan of the uninvited rodents though. -Molly B

  2. Hamsters are the best. We had them as pets when we were kids and the best part is they are not a long living pet so when the novelty wears off, mom and dad are not stuck with looking after them forever.

    Enjoy playing with them, but beware, they are expert escape artists!! I remember more than once having a food trail trap set up for them to catch them once they got out of their cage!

  3. Adorable hamsters.....So glad you shared them with us. (((Hugs)))

  4. Wow she is so cute, certainly looks like a bear.

  5. Very cute!! Hamsters make great pets. I had one in high school and my girls have had a few over the years.

  6. How cute. I've always had hamsters when I was a kid and the boys have enjoyed them also. They don't live long, that's the good and bad part. She's a cutey!


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