Tuesday, June 26, 2007

StampFest Orlando! (Part 2)

StampFest started out with a bang! I had everything right by the door so that I wouldn't forget anything. My DH made me a "goodie bag", as he called it. Is this not the cutest thing?!? He even wrote my name on it - first and last! I think he did the name bit partly as a joke...I think. ;) Anywho, after a late start, I met up with the girls (Mimi and Milissa). Then, after we started off on our journey, I realized I forgot the tickets! Grrr. We had to stop at the 7-11, and wait for my hubby to bring them to us.
After all of the fun and excitement at the "Fest", we had a nice and relaxing meal at Bob Evans, before heading home. I was really looking forward to seeing my little Wyatt, organizing my new goodies, and chilling out on the couch to watch some TiVo with my hubby.

Below is a pic of my treasures. I got some Impression Obsession stamps, Inky Antics stamps, Rubber Romance stamps, and lots of MFT stamps! I found some Taiwan stumps. Someone said they were very superior to my Chinese stumps?!? I had to find out about that! I also got the Liquid Pearls I have been looking for. And, in addition to my other unnamed necessaries, I also got a coolio new polka dot bkgd stamp. So, after an exhausting day, I get home to THIS (below). My husband had completely reorganized my ENTIRE stamp room. (Is your jaw on the floor yet???) I walked in the room and just stared. Not sure if you can tell a difference from the pic, but here is how I left it. My stamping table was piled with TONS of stuff all over it, and NOTHING was where I left it!

What he did was install a countertop on the back wall, and move things to fit. Bless his heart, he DID try and put things back in an organized manner, but, being that he's a nonstamping male - his and my idea of an organized stamp room are two different things! He also moved the computer from the office to my room.

Now, before you start thinking about what a wonderful husband he is (yes he is, BUT...), let me tell you WHY he did this.

What he SAYS is, "I wanted to surprise you for our anniversary (which is tomorrow)!" Sweet, right??? What he really was doing was kicking me OUT of his room! He's been telling me for months that he didn't want the computer in his (now) MEDIA room, anymore, and that he wanted it in MY room. He thinks that I "mess his room up" by my spending so much time on the computer, and therefore, Wyatt (including his toys and mess) is too. I didn't want to do this, because there wasn't any room for it. Well, he made room.

While I'm still finding and looking for my beloved treasure - and REorganizing them, I AM getting kind of used to the computer being in here. Below is the pic of how it looks today. I'm still shuffling things around, but all in all, I thank him for it. I love my room.

Tomorrow should bring posted card! I mean, after all, I DO need an anniversary card, right! :)




  1. I don't know how you lived without your computer in the same room as your stamp room. I am always jumping on mine to blog while stamping. Especially if I have something I want to share quick. Such a dear. Nice room, nice fair, happy anniversary.

  2. I really like your ink pad holder...where did you get it?

  3. wow - that seems pretty cool. what a great husband and i think its awesome that you have your own whole room to spread out in!! can't wait to read about your surprise.

    have a great day -

    Beth (mommy to a busy 3 3/4 yr old) (also a naptime stamper) :-)


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