Thursday, June 28, 2007

Long Day

Although I'm still riding high from my Big MFT Announcement in the previous post, I'm feeling quite tired and lazy right now! We took the kiddies to the Naples Zoo today (though I didn't get a SINGLE picture! And I even already have the SB paper! Grr.). It was FULL of all sorts of "special moments". They were mainly having to do with transportation and a blown out tire, though my "charming child" did NOT have a good day, either. Let's just say "obedient" was not his middle name. Anywho, we were with wonderful friends, so that made the day tolerable. (Waves to my wonderful friends! :))
I'd love to do some stamping tonight, though I'm not sure that I will be able to get my mojo revved up to do so! I may need to refuel and try again for tomorrow!
Thank you to all of the wonderful congratulations wishes about the DT! I appreciate every one! I love my online friends! :)

Hugs to you all,


  1. Kirsten - congrats on the DT! (I know I'm late:) Just a note - you can still scrapbook your memories of the day at the zoo, even without pictures! Journal and decorate your page with those memories you don't want to forget.

  2. Okay I hav ebeen absent for a few days and wow, Your husband gives those wonderful only a husband can give presents also. I think in the long run you'll love having your computer more handy. Also Congrats on the DT and I hope you recoup from the zoo, and reorganizing.

  3. Sorry about your long day and not getting any pictures. I've done that a few times myself! I didn't realize that Naples had a zoo. We have a home in Venice and are always looking for things to do when we bring our niece and nephew down with us. I'll have to check it out :)


  4. I missed catching up on my blog reading yesterday and missed your big new! CONGRATS to you!! And I agree about the memories at the zoo, make it a journal entry
    Starla (star)


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