Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Something to Consider...

I recently found a post from a very talented stamper, Julie Ebersole (juliehrr on Splitcoast), on her blog. I think that it is worth noticing...

Check out her post, Copyrights and Wrongs and What's the Point of the Discussion, to see if it changes any of your ideas on the whole "creating" business.

I have since edited one of my posts to give credit to a wonderful stamper, atomicbutterfly, for her card that she uploaded to her SCS (Splitcoast) gallery. It in no way was a CASE, but it was definitely inspired by her card. I gave her credit for it in my SCS gallery, but had forgotten to do it here.

Make sure you read Asela's comment in the second post. I think that she summed it up pretty well. The whole discussion sure did made me think of things more carefully, because regardless of how I feel, someone else might have a very different opinion, and I would never want to offend a person that inspires me!
Let me know what you think...

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