Sunday, March 11, 2007


I know, LOTS of posts today, but what can I say... I have a lot to say today! Anywho, just and FYI ...
1. Wyatt seems to be on the mend, although still very weak. Today he has (fingers crossed) managed to keep everything down - but he's not eating very much either! And I'm SO tired of cartoons right now!!!
2. The "combined personal AND stamping" voters are seriously winning out in the poll.
3. The asterisks in the middle of the posts are to separate the paragraphs. I don't know about you other Blogspot-ers, but it keeps deleting the spaces that I have put between the paragraphs - any help would be appreciated.
4. I'm using acronyms AND writing it out in paragraphs so that people might be able to reference what a particular acronym means in future posts - or should I just write out a dictionary???
5. I'm working on a Blog "Candy" type of thing for later this week...Don't know all the deets (reference below post:)!) yet, but it'll be GOOOOOD! Stay tuned for more info!
and 6. I need to get off the computer and come up with tomorrow's Card of the Week!

xoxox (or as my friend, Jeanine, says "mwah mwah ooh ooh" :))

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  1. Actually, if you're going to spell it phoenetically (as opposed to xoxo) it would be Mwah oooh, mwah oooh.

    lol. Even Blair says it now. Simply adorable. Glad to see you've been having some fun creatively. Miss you. Hope you're all feeling better soon.


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