Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coffee Anyone?

This is a little gift basket that I made for one of my BFFs. She, like I, is a lover of coffee, and especially coffee with a hearty dose of THE WORLD'S BEST CREAMER EVER, Chocolate Caramel.

So, I'm going to make this quick, as I have NO INTERNET service at home, and I'm stuck in my husband's office trying to get my posts done! LOL What dedication, right! ;) So, here's the break down of the goods...

This is the MFT set, Coffee, Tea?. (It's SO my current MFT fave!) I used it on this 4 1/4 card. I love this sentiment, and it SO totally fits, 'cause since we're living with our BFFs, they've been getting spoiled with homemade gifts from yours truely. Hey, I gotta give 'em to someone, right!? :)

These are a set of jammie pants and below is the thermos.

Okedoke, gotta jet! Hope you enjoyed the little giftie basket. I had fun making it! :) Till later...


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