Monday, August 3, 2009

Some CHA Pix!!

Like last year, I had such a blast at CHA. Met up with some "older" and some brand new friends. I truly love so many of these girls!! Didn't get as many pix as I would have liked, but here are some good ones, and they're in no particular order... (Sorry for the lack of links - too many for me to do this morning, but I'll try to add them in later.)

From left to right - this is Amy Rohl, Leigh O'Brien, Brianna Smith (Kim's daughter), Alma de la Rosa, and Carole Burrage. We were eating at Tommy Bahamas for dinner. This is just a small part of the whole crew.

This is the PTI booth, with Heather Nichols and Debbie Olson discussing a make & take.This is Shannon Erskine and her mom (e3stamper and n5stamper) with me, posing for a pic. Both were so sweet - I'm so glad Shannon said "hi!"; it was good to meet them both.

Me, Joanne Basile, and Julie Masse posing after dinner. (Jo - I love ya, and will owe ya forever!) ;)

This is Kim showing Jody Morrow some love in the cab. :) On the left is Kathy Daume.

Some MFT girls in the booth on Friday morning - Kim van der Sanden (Boss Lady), Deb Anton (MFT jewelry designer), me, and Christy Beckwith (our illustrator).

A larger group of us on Friday - Jennifer Buck, Sherry Campbell, Jimmi Mayo, me, Maren Benedict (SO sweet!), Carole Burage (doesn't she look JUST like her picture online?? ;)), Joanne Basile, and Christina Fisher (HILARIOUS - LOVED her!!).

And lastly, the Lizzie Anne girls! SO glad to have finally met them!! Tricia is on the left and Meridith is on the right.


  1. Mother BUTTON, those are some great pics!!!! ;)

    BIG hugs!!

  2. Fun pictures, Kirsten. I'm scary but it's nice to see everyone else! Jeesh, I certainly look like I'm posing and I don't even remember you taking pix other than of people boobies! ha

  3. It was so fun meeting you Kirsten! Great pics!

  4. I popped on over here from Leigh's blog to see the pics of all you girls having fun (WITHOUT ME) at CHA... Thanks for sharing so many pics!! What FUN!


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