Monday, November 3, 2008

MFTeaser: Who's that e-Girl?

This image looks very much like I look RIGHT NOW! LOL The only differences is that I do not own a chaise and I'm not wearing a skirt. Other than that, pretty close!!! :)

Obviously, I love this set. It's very me. And if you're reading blogs (like this one :)), chances are it's YOU, too! LOL It's new from MFT (to be released on Wednesday!!!), and it's called Who's that e-Girl?

I used Basic Gray's Urban Prairie for both paper piecing and bkgd paper. The only things I actually colored (with Copics) are the computer, the couch leg, and her skin. I also used my Nesties, BG button, and SU! ribbon. This is a 5 1/4 in. sq. card.

So, that's it on the release, for now. I'll be back with more cards and deets later! Now for some bla, bla, bla...

So, I started canning homemade apple butter. I'm so giddy over my first three jars that I just successfully "preserved"! When I heard the POP of the lid (evidence that it WORKED), I literally squealed in delight! LOL I'm going to make them into Christmas gifts, and I can barely stand waiting to do it!!!

Next up, canning homemade applesauce - need a bigger pot to do that, though, 'cause the jars will be bigger - and homemade strawberry jam! I'm feeling like Betty Crocker - it's great! :) It's also majorly getting me in the mood for Christmas!

Okay, enough about that. But now you know (if you were interested) what I've been up to, since I've not been posting here as much as I normally do. It's times like these that I really wish that there were more of me! LOL

Till later...



  1. What a gorgeous card, Kirsten! You know what's funny is that I used Urban Prairie on my card with this set too, but mine looks totally different! I'll share it tomorrow.

    Congrats on the fave is raspberry jam. Good thing my SIL makes it, because I'm too lazy!! Hahaha!

  2. Oh Kirsten - I love this!!! Can't wait to see that set and your card is amazing! WTG on the canning! I've made a couple batches of red pepper jelly and have been enjoying it as well!

  3. This is just a divine card! Love it to bits...gonna be needing this set for myself. LOL

  4. yummmmmm!!! i love apple butter! and homemade apple sauce...oh yeah!!! i love this idea for gifting, this year it will be all about homey, home-made gifts...
    can't wait to see pictures!

  5. Great card Kirsten! That image is wonderful!! I know that pop sound and it's so fun every time isn't it?? I make applesauce every year for my SIL - she hoards it all year long, LOL! I just love the way the house smells when it's cooking and the taste of fresh warm applesauce - yummmmmyyyy!!! :)

  6. Lovely colors. I can tell this will be another MUST have MFT set!!

  7. This is so gorgeous!! We all should purchase this stamp set, I think it is a picture of all of us.

  8. I love the couch and the skirt!! That is so cute!! This is one set I will buy on Day ONE!!

  9. Congratulations on the canning - it is my favorite way of "preserving my garden" In the winter I love to look at the shelf with all the colors of the different things I've canned! And I can't wait for the "e-girl"!

  10. Wow! Gorgeous card!!! Thats it, I need to get those BG papers. I'm just loving all your cards with them!

  11. OK, I so love this set, but I'm with you...a skirt? Sweats are more like it......cute piecing though!

  12. ok, so now I have your glasses, your Pyrex, AND your canning jars. I'm going to HAVE to see you tomorrow, or else I'm really going to feel like a slacker friend .. ..

  13. love the pieced couch. great idea!


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