Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy 29th AGAIN!

This card was made a while ago, and I totally forgot to post it! GASP! I hate when I do that! I had been skimming over it for days, while browsing for a picture to post, thinking it was already up here! LOL

Anywho, when Alma (The Cat's Pajamas Boss Lady) posted these birthday sets that she recently released, I knew that I had to have them. Actually, I knew before that, from all of her DT girls doing their job and enabling me! LOL I just love these penguins. They're so adorable!

Well, this card uses some Cosmo Cricket paper and PTI ribbon, as well as a load of Stickles and a few Dew Drops. I don't know if I still would have put that sentiment on the bottom, but I still think it's pretty cute. :)

I'm busy pretending that there isn't a totally awesome cruise going on right now, how about you? Elbow rubbing, fun in the sun having, free stamp getting, bla, bla, bla... Who needs it??? (So wish I was there!!! LOL)

Oh well! Back to reality! Tomorrow will probably bring a LAD gift set, so see you then!



  1. Perfect Day to post if you ask me. I am in Vegas checking your posts and what do I see? My birthday card! I still think it is an awesome card and the pix isn't nearly as great as the real thing! The days you do have your mojo totally make up for the days you don't! Looking out over the Sierra's on a beautiful day, thinking how lucky I am to have you for a DIL. LOVE YOU MomR

  2. This is so cute, Kirsten! I love the colors and those penguins! I wish I was on the cruise, too! Have a great week!

  3. Oh dont get me started about the cruise!! Im so sad over not going!! On a happy note: LOVE the card. Way adorable. You rocked it.

  4. How cute! I love the cupcake and the Happy 29th again is sooo my mom!! Thanks for sharing!


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