Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not My Usual Bla, Bla, Bla

So, as I was browsing blogs today, I noticed on JulieHRR's that she posted an adorable calendar made with an A Muse download-able template. Now, I KNOW that in the past few weeks, I've drooled over numerous projects made with this very same template (and the A2 version), but I never noticed, until today that all of the proceeds for the sale of the template were going to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

I immediately clicked on the LINK, purchased the template, and made my donation.

You see, this strikes a very sad and special chord with me, because my beautiful mother passed away from one of these very cruel diseases, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, 7 years ago. She was way too young and my very best friend. Her death left me with a significant hole in my heart that took a very long time to heal over. She never had a chance to meet my little Wyatt, and I think that hurts me the most. I miss her terribly every day, and I always will.

Her name was Barbara, and she was supposed to die of old age before the disease got to her. The chemo treatments worked for a while, but then she'd have to move on to another one, each progressing treatment having more side effects. After five years of her fighting, she lost her battle.

This isn't a very rare story, as far as cancer stories go, but the point is this... There IS a cure for this awful disease out there somewhere, and I believe that given enough time, research, and FUNDING, it can be found.

This is a very small thing to do, but if we ALL donate - even if it's just the $4 minimum to buy ONE of the calendar templates, then it's a BIG difference! I mean, after all, who wouldn't want to receive a gift like THIS?

Now, you folks know, if you've been reading my blog, that I never do this. I just really felt like I NEEDED to say something to spread the word on this today. And with that, I'll step off of my soap box.



  1. What a touching story, I am so sorry for your loss. I don't share the same story, but have known a few people who have fought very long hard battles and not always won. As soon as I saw, I went to donate...thanks for sharing your story with us.

  2. Kirsten,

    I'm sorry for the loss of your mother. I just can't imagine the pain of losing someone so dear and special! Thank you for helping us to spread the word about the A Muse Calendar Project. We hope to raise LOTS of money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


  3. Oh, Kirsten- My grandmother died 11 1/2 years ago of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and 10 years ago my mom died of the same thing. My mom was only 49. I still miss her everyday and I wish she were here to help me and guide me along. Hugs to you and everyone else who has lost someone they love this this disease. ~Lorie

  4. Kirsten, I can't imagine losing my mother, especially to such a painful disease. Thank you for sharing your story and raising awareness. I'm off to donate.
    Your BBFF,

  5. Oh Kirsten,
    Sorry to hear about the loss of your mother and the long battle of this type of cancer. Thanks for sharing your story. Way to many people are affected by cancer, including my mom too.I saw Julie cute AMUSe calendar, and sharing the template in this way is a fabulous idea. Chris

  6. i am immediately going to the sight and buying every little template, in honor of your mother...whom did such a fabulous job with are an amazing, talented, wonderful person...and, just think, i have only seen a little snippet of your life here on your blog...imagine how fantastic you must be IRL!!! :) thank you for sharing and for you honesty...we love that soap box as much as we love you!

  7. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. I cannot imagine what that was like. I am glad you are joining the cause and I hope A Muse gets LOTS of $$$ to donate. :)

    HUGS! I can't wait to see what YOU do with it. :)


  8. My MIL's Non-Hodkins Lymphoma is in remission, so my husband's family has been touched by this disease. I had seen Julie's calendar post, but in my rush I didn't notice the link for a download/donation. Thanks for pointing it out and sharing your mother's story.

  9. Kirsten, thanks for sharing your story. My heart aches for you. I'll be donating for sure!

    Big hugs to you!!!

  10. Kirsten, I was catching up on your blog and found this post, I wanted you to know that I am sorry, from the bottom of my heart. My mother and I are the same way, best friends. I am on my way to make the purchase. Thank you for saying something on your blog. Your blog is wonderful by the way!

  11. I was given your blog from someone on my news group and have been coming back occassionally. I saw your post about the calendar and it touched me. I have not lost anyone close to this disease, but with the help of all of our donations, hopefully a cure will be found. I've purchased my calendar. God Bless.


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