Sunday, August 24, 2008

Some People to Thank...

I recently was tagged with a couple very nice awards from a couple very nice people, and I'm just getting around to posting them! The last one is one that I posted already, but told you I'd get back to you with the weird facts. Well, since it's 5:45 in the am here right now, maybe my mind will be a bit more "random" than usual, and give you something different. (Not been sleeping really well lately...) This tag came from Shannon Erskine, or e3stamper. She was so super sweet to mention me on her list! I love her work, as well, and you will too. Make sure that you HOP on over to her blog, and check it out!
This tag came from Katie, from Paper Makeup. She is a professional make-up artist as well as a stamper, hence the blog title! She also has great cards over on her site, so check them out, and leave her some love!
This was the tag that I got from Chelle, a while back, who was dying to get some more dirt on me... ;) Well, I'll do my best to not repeat...

1. My toes spread freakishly wide. I can easily "hold hands" with them.

2. I'm a major fan of Crocs. I own several pair, and can't wait till I can justify getting more.

3. I think that dessert that doesn't involve chocolate is a waste of calories.

4. I might have mentioned this before, but I like my volume on my TV to be either an even number, or a multiple of 5. I'm not terribly OCD, but that is one thing that would qualify. Don't we ALL have just a LITTLE OCD!?

5. When I was last at Disney World (this past weekend), I SO bribed my husband with a back scratch to let me make one of those GIANT pixie sticks. It was really yummy, but on the first "hit", I underestimated the amount going in, and choked so much that it went up my nose. Man, that burned like you wouldn't believe - well, unless you're a cocaine user, in which case I suppose you WOULD believe it. I was REALLY careful after that.

6. My favorite color is blue, but Pumpkin and Olive are my favorite stamping colors. (Geesh, I'm getting desperate now, aren't I!)

7. I'm getting a cold, and have a sore throat, despite all of my efforts to avoid them with daily vitamins and Danactive dosing, and I'm really quite irritated about it.

Well, there you have it folks. More ammunition for you! LOL
Also, last, but not least, is Michelle, from My Stampin' Habit, who awarded me with the Arte y Pico. She's also a great one to check out! She's a teacher/stamper who makes the cutest cards! Thanks, Michelle!

Now my laptop battery is about to die, and I'm far to lazy at this awful hour to get up and plug it in, so I'm going to wrap this up, but I'll be back later with a card, or something...

Thanks again, Ladies!!!



  1. thank you for the fun and insight...hope you feel better soon!

  2. I swear by Airborne. it works for me every time. feel better.


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