Thursday, January 3, 2008

Greetings from Paradise

This is for all of my "peeps" that are freezing their tails off up North! LOL Just kidding! Don't throw virtual snowballs at me, or anything! It's actually going to be quite cold down here over night. We're going to have to cover up our palm trees with sheets and everything! ;)

Anywho, moving right along... I picked this set up at my LSS a while ago, and just now opened it up! That's one of my New Year's resolutions - to use ALL of my stamps that I own! Is anyone out there with me?!? Of course, with the 4 Design Teams that I'm on, that means a whole-lotta-stampin'-goin'-on!!! And with me working now, we'll have to see how I can work that out! LOL

This is a sketch that Lauren posted on her blog this week, and I had to try it! I used one of my A Muse ovals (the large one) to stamp the sand, then masked it off and sponged the water. Next, I just stamped the main image and sun, colored, and voila! No need to even mask the image because can color right over with the Copics! The PP is Bali Breeze from SU!

Hope you like the card! I'll see you tomorrow with my last Hanna sneak peek! It's a quick and easy Valentine! Till then...



  1. Great the fun colors. Yep, it's cold here...13 degrees on Long Island this morning, but I heard only 40 in Miami so I bet you are cold too. Keep warm!

  2. Kirsten this is so cute! I wanna go where she is :D How do you find the time my friend? You work and have kids. Crazy woman.
    Great colors too BTW!

  3. Ahhh, this looks nice! Warmmmmm! Love these colors!

    Yep, only 6 degrees up here on the top of the mountain this morning. Uggh! (sorry, but a virtual snowball is still heading your way . . . *splat* . . . ok, no I'm not really sorry) LOL :P 40 degrees sounds great right about now!!

  4. This is awesome - love the bright, vibrant colors! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  5. Love the stamp, it makes me feel all warm. Since we had our first snowfall this winter today I needed warming up. Luckily it was so light it didn't settle but it's so cold out there!

    Fab card!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

    Fe x

  6. fab card!!! fun bright and colourful :)

  7. Me too! Me too! I am there with ya...trying to use all of my stamps! You are a great inspiration!

  8. Fab! Love the water line and sun. I'll be in Cancun this week and Florida in a couple of weeks. Lots of sunshine for this northener.

  9. At least I can think warm thoughts when I see this cute card. It's 9 degrees in Northern Ohio with a wind chill of 0! I typed with my gloves and coat on most of the day!

  10. Yup! True Kristen fashion!! Rockin' chickie :)

  11. Lol! here in the UK we never have the weather for Palms....and certaininly not today!


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