Saturday, November 17, 2007


Oh, I'm SO BOUNCIN' RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out this link...

My alma mater, THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY BUCKEYES, just kicked some Michigan tail (14-3) AT Michigan, none the less!!! I COULD NOT be happier!!!!!

Yes, I realize that this is a stamping blog, but I CAN'T keep quiet on this one!!!!! This is, in my opinion, the BIGGEST college game of the year, due to the 103 year old rivalry.

My husband and I (along with friends and various other family members) both graduated from OSU, so naturally, we BLEED Scarlet and Grey!!!!! And even if we lost every other game of the season (which we didn't - only one), but beat Michigan - it's still ALL GOOD!!!!!
See, even Little Man is excited!!! :) (Notice his cutey jacket???) ;)

Just had to do some major braggin'!!!!! Now back to your regularly scheduled stampin' blog hoppin'! :) (<--- That's a HUGE GRIN on my face!!!!!)

Kirsten (your biggest blogging OSU fan)


  1. Congrats to the Buckeyes! That was an awesome game. I'm a Badger and we killed Michigan this year, too. They're having a rough year.


  2. Well WE here in Ann Arbor, had a ruff game with an injured shoulder on one, and an injured leg and ankle on 2 others..ummmmmmmm.....
    GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh nice little blue duck....:)))

  4. This is one game that I really wish nobody could win! ;-) Glad you're happy though - and I do despise Michigan so it's all good. Hope my sister (the UM grad) isn't reading my comment... she did email me when she saw your post & said she may have to stop reading your blog. ;-) BTW I bought a cute little sweater vest for my son - red, grey & white stripes - said he should wear it for our family Christmas portrait & my DH said NO WAY - LOOKS LIKE OSU!! :-) (we bleed Spartan green!)

  5. I just had to say I am an alumna of OSU back in the days of Woody Hayes! Yeah Buckeyes!

  6. OH-IO!! I'm saying hello from Columbus, Ohio. We're so happy to have won the BIG game on Saturday. It has been an incredible year for our Buckeyes!

    I enjoy your blog even more knowing that you are a "fella" Buckeye!


  7. I'm a buckeye fan too! I'm from Fremont, Ohio. But one of our best friends, Tim Anderson, played for OSU 2 years ago before he went to the Buffalo Bills. Congrats to the bucks!

  8. Oh yeah --- I knew I liked you!!! Go Bucks!!!

  9. Cincinnati, OH here. My son and his wife are OSU alum. So we are "Go Bucks" all the way!!

    Sue B.

  10. As Libby's little sister, and a Michigan alum, I must say, GO BLUE, though I really couldn't care less about football. I did tell Lib that it changed my opinion of you that you went to the EVIL OSU, but I still love what you do! Congrats on the win!

  11. I caught this post late, but I just wanted to say hello from Hudson, OH! If the Bucks end up going to the Rose Bowl and playing against USC, I will have to say that I will be rooting for the Trojans. My daughter was wearing her OSU track suit for the OSU/Michigan game that day!

  12. I just caught this post- I'm a bucks fan too- I grew up in Ohio (and Indiana but mainly in OH). My sister, bil, and nephew live in Columbus and my parents live 20 minutes away from Bloomington, IN. I currently live in Knoxville (Vol country) but am still a Buck fan!


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