Monday, October 15, 2007

Wanna Contribute to a Wonderful Cause???

Here's my card. Now keep reading...Check out this link...

This is the second part of the My Favorite Things effort to "stamp out" Breast Cancer, with the first one being, of course the 50% of all proceeds from the Think Pink set going directly to Breast Cancer research.

Okay, here's the deal... Eighteen of the MFT designers have made a super special card to be packaged all together for a very special eBay auction. So, that means the winner of the auction will win ALL 18 Think Pink cards from the MFT Design Team (see sidebar for the who's who)!!!

Now what is Kim going to do with the money from the eBay sale??? Give it to the Susan G. Koman foundation, of course!!! So this is a TOTAL win-win situation for this super special winner of this auction!!!

What are you waiting for? Go now! Stop reading this! Place your bid! :)

(If you're still reading this, shame on you! ;)) See you tomorrow with a new Hambo card!



  1. Awesome way to support a great cause. I just got 4 of the new sets today. I love this set. Great Cause!!! Believe and we will find a cure.

  2. Beautiful card Kirsten! Great job all of you!

  3. Now this is a smart way to raise money....Sweet cards...

    Lisa B <><

  4. Totally cute card Kirsten! I hope you gals are able to raise wads of money.

  5. What a great thing you all on the team are doing! I LOVE your card!!


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