Monday, September 17, 2007

Blogger RAK Time!

Okay, yesterday, when I said that I didn't have a card to show you I lied. It was purely unintentional, mind you, but a lie, nonetheless. I have had these two lovely RAKs for a week or two, now, and have yet to post them! What I need to do, is to put them in a more visible area. I sit them on a cute little bookshelf, till I'm ready to take pix and post, but it's a bookshelf that is not in my direct line of sight! So, there they sit, until a day like today, when I look over and say CRAP! Okay, I've digressed...

Take a look at the wonderful RAKs that I received. This first one is from Kelley (sorry I spelled it wrong on the watermark!) Herrick. You can see her blog here. I so love this color combination, and the layout is so cute! And of course, I love the Hambo little ladybug stamp that was used! Thank you, Kelley, for this rockin' card, and for the super sweet note inside! Next time your in my area, stop by and visit! :)
This next card is from, none other than THE Queen Blogger herself, Allison Fillo! She is such a sweetheart, isn't she! I was lucky enough to have been tagged by Allison with a QK Blogger badge, as one of five blogs that she considers to be "click-worthy"! Now, this is saying something coming from a person that is rumored to keep up with over 2,000 blogs a day!!! I told you before, but thank you SO MUCH for that, Allison! You totally made my day!
This card is so stinkin' cute! I love the paper and the little Primas that she used! If you've never checked out her blog (???), and want to see her other lovely creations, and you DO, then click here. But that's not all she offers! Bookmark her site, because she is also a wealth of information on blog candy, tutorials, sketches, links, contests, etc...
Thank you, Allison, for thinking of me! :)Well, I'm going to try to get some stamping done today, and make something I can actually show you!!! Wish me luck!



  1. Lucky you, receiving such great cards! I look forward to popping back to see what youve been creating!


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