Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rockin' Girl!

I was tagged by the talented Sherrie, from Card Creme, today. I "met" Sherrie when we were both asked to be on the MFT DT, and I'm glad, because she is just the sweetest thing! Thank you, Sherrie, for the nomination! :) Make sure that you check out her blog if you haven't already!
This Rockin' Girl tag game is the latest one going around, but I thought that this one was pretty cool. All you have to do is tag 5 blogs that you think are pretty "rockin'", and let 'em know that you did, so that maybe it'll make their day! This is in NO WAY a comprehensive list! I have a slew of blogs on my Google Reader that I check daily! These stampin' ladies are just the first ones that come to mind (and that I don't think have been tagged yet).

The first person that I have to tag is Mimi, because she is one of my bestest friends ever.
The second person is Ana, because I just think she rocks!
The third person is Kendra, because she is so super sweet and talented.
The fourth person is Tracy, because she inspires me so much and doesn't know how talented she is.
The fifth person would have to be Lauren, because she's super sweet, has all the latest info, and just makes great stuff!

Have a great evening! Tomorrow will bring another ATC convert! See you then!



  1. Kirsten,
    Love the new picture! Love the MFT Tshirt as well!

  2. Kirsten, your too sweet! I love that that you named me a rockin' blogger girl :) Now if I can figure out how to copy the pic. I'm so computer illiterate, LOL.

  3. Kirsten - aren't you sweet! thanks so much for naming me - I will definitely copy :)


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