Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Heather's BRAK Card

First off, I want to apologize to Heather for the poor picture. However, I did want to get this card up here, I got it before we left for our trip, but had no time to upload it, and we have the worst love bugs (they sound endearing, but they're a nightmare - trust me!) and they're EVERYWHERE! I was forced to take the pic inside. I despise the stinkin' things...but enough about the bugs.
This lovely card was made by my blogger friend, Heather. Her blog is A Secret Garden Grows Here. I love the Papertrey butterflies and the Cuttlebugged swirls. Make sure you check out her site! Thanks, Heather, for the super sweet card!
So, I didn't ever get the chance to stamp today. Kinda bummed, but tomorrow definitely looks promising - I'm going to Mimi's house to play! I did want to give you some eyecandy, though, so for now, enjoy this sweet one from Heather.

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